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If I ever upset you or make you sad is 100% Ok for you to not talk to me, no one is forcing you to talk to me or be my friend. If I upset you or make you sad or anything,I am fine with you not talking to me. I understand that I am a downer sometimes, but I really can't help it. I'm sorry.I'm just venting rn and I'm sorry for all the negativity lately! I'll probably be ok later. I love you! 

:icondeernoms:: please don't talk to my friends or manipulate people again. If you guys see any pictures of my OCs, they were not commissioned by me, they were by him to manipulate me into talking to him. Please do not talk to me if I upset you or anything. I hope your situation gets better.

I told you so many times I was gonna get this drawing of holly or possibly reverse 
And you left anyways 
It's like you want me to get it drawn :3 

What did you honestly think the end result would be? 

Oh let's just tell Chaz not to waste his money on me that will convince him (let me tell you why that is bullshit) 

[01:18:35] chaaaz: I bet you have soft hands
[01:18:46] England Mom: they're tiny lol
[01:18:53] chaaaz: Awee cx
[01:18:57] chaaaz: I want to see lol
[01:19:15] England Mom: I'll show you sometime when it's light
[01:24:07] chaaaz: Awe haha okay
[01:24:22] chaaaz: You always say you'll show sometime and don't~
[01:24:38] England Mom: It's daaark rn
[01:25:04] chaaaz: >electricity was invented
[01:25:18] England Mom: xD I need natural sunlight
[01:27:48] chaaaz: Why don't you just say you don't want to
[01:27:56] England Mom: I feel rude lol
[01:28:18] chaaaz: Tbh you're the same level of rude for making a bullshit excuse
[01:28:29] England Mom: That's ok with me
[01:28:32] England Mom: Sorry
[01:28:40] chaaaz: You are dishonest
[01:29:26] England Mom: Alright
[01:29:31] England Mom: I'm gonna go now! ok
[01:29:41] England Mom: Goodnight and have a good time at work when you're next there
[01:29:43] chaaaz: Fucking cunt
[01:29:49] chaaaz: Fuck off then
[01:29:55] chaaaz: You're not even actually leaving
[01:30:17] chaaaz: You're just pretending to be cause I offended you
[01:30:25] chaaaz: I know how you act
[01:30:31] England Mom: It's half one in the morning and I haven't slept for 3 days and yea, I don't want to take your shit rightnow
[01:30:32] chaaaz: Don't fucking pretend to leave
[01:30:52] chaaaz: I know when you say you pissed off a friend you go invisible
[01:31:03] chaaaz: You slept for like 8 hours already anyways
[01:31:25] chaaaz: Just wait until you see the Chaz x holly drawing I have planned
[01:31:38] England Mom: I don't understand whyyou talk to me if I upset you so much
[01:31:59] chaaaz: Well because you're fucking pretending to leave and I know for a fact you aren't actually going to
[01:32:32] England Mom: You're assuming things T_T
[01:32:36] chaaaz: No
[01:32:40] chaaaz: You've told me 10 times
[01:32:50] chaaaz: You go invisible when you have friend issues
[01:33:04] chaaaz: Only gonna make it worse for yourself with me
[01:33:20] England Mom: I'm online lookie
[01:33:32] chaaaz: You said you were going to go
[01:33:47] chaaaz: But yeah Umm I know you
[01:33:52] England Mom: I am gnna go
[01:33:58] chaaaz: Yeah the fuck right.
[01:34:06] England Mom: okeeeeeee
[01:34:10] England Mom: :D
[01:34:32] chaaaz: Keep smiling and laughing until I use your character for a commission
[01:34:46] chaaaz: And show everyone how you requested it.
[01:34:56] England Mom: You should keep your money for something meaningful tbh
[01:35:02] chaaaz: It will be
[01:35:08] England Mom: Yea,I mean like
[01:35:19] England Mom: actually meaningful
[01:35:25] England Mom: not to be a dick to me
[01:35:33] chaaaz: For as little as 12 dollars I can do whatever I want with your character
[01:35:40] England Mom: Yikes
[01:35:42] chaaaz: If you're gonna continue to be an awful friend
[01:35:48] England Mom: that's a bit unfortionate tbh
[01:35:55] England Mom: Please don't waste your money on me
[01:36:17] chaaaz: Oh it won't and I could get an artist to do it for free potentially
[01:36:34] chaaaz: Actually I know an artist who likes to draw kitsu doing naughty things for free
[01:36:42] England Mom: That's just sad tbh, if i annoy you so much you should just leave me
[01:36:47] England Mom: like, don't talk to me at all
[01:36:48] chaaaz: So yeah don't be a shitty friend and I won't
[01:37:00] chaaaz: Oh no you're not gonna fuck off on me that easily
[01:37:29] chaaaz: I don't want to leave I just want you to be like honest and not a bitch
[01:37:45] England Mom: It's your choice!! You're upsetting yourself over this "Fucking cunt"
[01:38:03] chaaaz: Don't tell me to leave I can make my own choices
[01:38:14] chaaaz: And my choice is if you're a bad friend ill be bad back
[01:38:28] England Mom: I'm not being "a bad friend" tho I want to go to sleep xD
[01:38:36] chaaaz: No bullshit
[01:38:49] England Mom: it's nearly 2am
[01:38:53] chaaaz: You slept 8 hours and Also you only leave when I got mad
[01:39:03] England Mom: I don't like arguments
[01:39:09] chaaaz: And I have proof that you go invisible when friend issues
[01:39:23] England Mom: I know I do that
[01:39:25] chaaaz: Which makes it worse for you only
[01:39:43] England Mom: That's nice, Chaz
[01:39:49] chaaaz: I bet youre gonna leave me all heartless like
[01:40:02] chaaaz: You can try to block me but you'll see the commission either way if you do
[01:40:06] England Mom: Please get a drink of water and make yourself a sandwhich and stuff
[01:40:11] England Mom: take a nap
[01:40:12] chaaaz: Your friends will
[01:40:14] England Mom: stop picking on a kid
[01:40:18] chaaaz: We don't have food fuck face
[01:40:42] England Mom: Ahh, right
[01:40:46] chaaaz: Eat that.
[01:41:06] chaaaz: You know this is your fault
[01:41:18] England Mom: This is my fault that you're taking your shit out on a kid
[01:41:21] chaaaz: Instead of changing the subject you try to pretend to get off
[01:41:42] chaaaz: Ohh on a kid, you're not 11,you can make your own choices
[01:41:56] England Mom: I'm 15 and you're 8
[01:41:58] England Mom: 18**
[01:42:05] chaaaz: Once a girl gets her period she is a woman
[01:42:06] England Mom: You're acting like you're 8 tho
[01:42:11] England Mom: wow,ok
[01:42:14] chaaaz: You are too
[01:42:22] chaaaz: Eh 11 more like
[01:42:30] chaaaz: Oh ill just pretend to leave
[01:42:44] chaaaz: Its not cool when I know exactly what you're doing
[01:42:58] England Mom: I'm cool with that! Please do yourself a favour and stop turning things around onto me when you're the one causing arguments :)
[01:43:00] chaaaz: You can go pretend to sleep
[01:43:09] England Mom: k
[01:43:13] chaaaz: You're the one who caused it
[01:43:27] chaaaz: Dishonest and indirect
[01:43:37] chaaaz: Ohh no lights on so you can't take a picture
[01:43:47] chaaaz: That is fucking 8 year old shit
[01:43:56] England Mom: That's cool
[01:43:57] chaaaz: Do you go stealth if you cover your eyes?
[01:44:42] chaaaz: You caused this by simply being dishonest
[01:44:56] England Mom: Ok
[01:44:58] chaaaz: The girl I'm talking to now isn't a goddamn liar
[01:45:13] England Mom: Go and talk to her then
[01:45:32] chaaaz: Ill do the opposite because you told me to
[01:45:43] England Mom: That's a bit weird
[01:45:53] chaaaz: Well you're a shit friend right now
[01:45:56] England Mom: I know
[01:46:13] chaaaz: Why don't you try to be a decent person then
[01:46:37] England Mom: I am a decent person
[01:46:44] chaaaz: I know you're okay with being a bad friend and that's why I'm getting the commission
[01:46:55] chaaaz: I'm not gonna let you just be a shit friend and laugh it odd
[01:46:57] chaaaz: Off
[01:47:21] chaaaz: Ill get a pic of holly or reverse for all your friends to see instead
[01:47:35] chaaaz: See who's fucking laughing then.
[01:47:45] chaaaz: Or you can optionally be a good friend and I won't do that
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  • Playing: ;)
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Belle Dak0ta by HollyBjeam
Belle Dak0ta
Heyyy, first submission of 2016! Happy New year, everyone! I still don't have a scanner, which sucks ass, but I'll ask for one for my birthday in 3 weeks! I've improved a lot since the last time I was really active on here, so you have that to look forward to! I might even open commissions sometime this year!! 
Anyway, this is for :iconflaminghammers1997: for :iconharmonia-academy:! Belle got Dakota some clothes that she would wear so that they'd match!! :3c We need to rp sometime soon!! I hope you like this! :'D
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Yo, I'm a shy little hermit who likes cartoons, anime, drawing and cute things~

Rules of this page:
Enjoy what you do;
Be a nice person! (saying please and thank you, c'mon! It's basics!!);
Try your best in all your art and stuff you like;
Don't diss the stuff I or anyone else likes, it's just rude!

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